Çiçek Bahçesi


çiçek bahçesi

As her feet touch the cold marble floor her kohl lined eyes wondered across vivacious of redness, the murals with petals, leaves and floral paints embellishments, all emancipating her thoughts. Her eyes gaze travels scaling the arches and reaching the domes of this sacred place in the name of “The Blue Mosque”. Under the holy curvature where divine scripts echo of heaven, it is indeed like being “in god’s mind”.

The memorized woman in a paisley jumpsuit finds herself stepping out place among the bursting assembly of complex prints and extravagant flowers fabric. Her kohl eyes look. She looks through a starry geometric shape towards the Bosporus with layers upon layers of floral gathering in vignette effect.

Her henna hands wrap around a Cappadocia colored piece scarf as she heads towards the busy lively crowd of Istanbul; a bridge between the East and West. This land has had many names and has been home to the rise and fall of several civilizations. Today offers an abundance of heritage invites us to explore.

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